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port wine

Port Wine and Boxing Day – Perfect Holiday Duo

In Britain, the day after Christmas is Boxing Day, which gives Anglophiles in Wilmington NC – anywhere, actually – a reason to extend the holiday for an extra day. Boxing Day was traditionally a day off given to the servants following a busy Christmas of cleaning, cooking, serving and entertaining. The day was named for the “boxes” handed out by employers to the household help, filled with gifts, food, and perhaps a holiday bonus. More →

Five with a Foodie

susan jalbert chow bella cooks

Susan Jalbert | Chow Bella Cooks, Owner

Five Minutes with Susan Jalbert | Chow Bella Cooks: “Food is about what works best for you, whether that’s vegetarian, or pescatarian, or something else. You need balance. If it’s not something you are going to stick to and enjoy… life is too short. I have fun and work from a place of passion.“

jules debord port city farmers market

Jules DeBord | Port City Farmers Market, Director

Five Minutes with Jules DeBord | Director, Port City Farmers Market: “I always need something new to do. Once I get one thing figured out, it’s time to move to something else. I love the Tuesday night-time market, seeing all the people who show up. I’m like, I guess I did something right.“

eryn roberts yelp ambassador wilmington

Eyrn Roberts | YELP Community Ambassador

Five Minutes with Eyrn Roberts, Yelp Community Ambassador: “I love my job. I get to go to events and parties, and I always know what is going on in the Wilmington food scene. Sales is a lot harder when what you are selling is free – I’m pitching participation.“

aldo garcia personal chef

Aldo Garcia | Personal Chef

Five Minutes with Aldo Garcia, Personal Chef: “If you have good products, and you have good intentions, and you make good food, then it will be noticed. That is coming out in the food scene in Wilmington, and that’s something to value.“

Food Features

specialty food markets wilmington nc

9 Inspiring Specialty Food Markets in Wilmington NC

The opening of a new grocery store on Front Street has inspired us to remind shoppers about the great specialty food markets in Wilmington. This big handful of stores offers international foods, imported groceries, and exotic gift items for both foodies and armchair travelers. These stores also bring it back home, with fresh organic produce,

ways to enjoy north carolina oysters

5 Ways to Enjoy Your North Carolina Oysters

It’s that time of year: oyster season. The summer is seriously over, waters are getting cooler, and the holiday season is drawing near. I may be partial, but personally I think North Carolina has some of the best oysters.